Therapy Frequency – An Important Alternative and Complementary Field of Medicine

Alternative methods of practicing medicine are found all around the world. We believe that there are many methods that can increase our health, some of them coming from hundreds of years ago, that can be practiced even today. When combining these methods with modern technology, doctors can have all possible methods of helping the sick. We are continuing the work and research of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, one of the greatest American researchers of the 20th century in the field of Optics and Microbiology. He developed a technology of using a ray of transmitted frequencies to eliminate microbes. This resulted in a plasma generator that’s able to disrupt microbes using a resonance frequency.



is an extremely precise frequency generator which selectively disrupts and eliminates pathogenic micro-organisms. It has been done to continue research and use modern equipment to further expound upon Dr. Rife’s research. While measuring the frequency range established by Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark is a good place to start, there is a new method of calculating frequencies that the length of pathogen DNA is dependent upon. This is built off the patent of Charlene Boehm and has worked very well in calculating the desired frequencies. In the future, we want to include the research of Dr. Herve Janecek in applying scalar waves. There a microbiologists from the United States, We are currently partnering with some of the best doctors of medicine in the Czech Republic. They have shown a particular interest in our work. We are preparing our own publication about using the physical principles of resonance frequencies and their practical uses for destroying pathogens.




PLASMAGEN can be used in your therapeutic center or even at home. This device is certified by the State Testing Institute of the Czech Republic and also has all certificates needed for use in the European Union. Plasmagen has an integrated scanner. Using the biofeedback, you can measure actual frequencies and put them to use immediately. Our research shows that every micro-organism has its own frequency. When projecting this resonating frequency on the microbe, the microbe dies. When purchasing a PLASMAGEN device, we’ve included a training course in English. It contains the frequency zones for measurement and 27,000 doses ready for use.


Plasmagen Properties include:

  • Frequency range between 1 Hz – and 900 kHz

  • Generates an electric field strong enough to hit even large parasites

  • Effectively measures the frequencies used

  • Efficiently regulates the machine’s power when in use

  • Plasma Tube Cover

  • 3000 hours of running lamp time

  • Adjustable height of the bulb

  • Lightweight and Compact (5 kg)

  • Technical Support


PLASMAGEN, Scanner, Instructions, and Training all for

79,000 CZK- straight tube version ( 2,766 GBP or $3,520 USD )


89,000 CZK - double bubble tube version ( 3,116 GBP or $3,966 USD )

This is the best offer yet and includes guaranteed support for two years.

Take the time to use this professional devices with its designated certificates for your professional and personal needs!


For more information about getting a Plasmagen and technical support, email or contact by phone:

+420 778 727 810